We provide high quality and luxury used products in stock from all over Japan.

The store name "iLt" means it below words in Italian laungage

「i」 ingontro - Meeting
「L」 luogo - Place
「t」 tempo - Time

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We go abroad to purchase latest and trends product

Identify if it's good or not, and we have various knowlegde of high brand, and we go to all over Japan and Europe for purchase

We will provide our products at lower prices

We manage high-quality reuse items with thorough maintenance, and we offer nearly brand-new products in affordable prices

Seasonal items in a wide range of popular high brands

We handle a wide range of items such as wallets, key cases, accessories and a lot of bags

Multilingual staff help your shopping with rich knowledge of brand

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    賀 舒 Ga Jo

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    孫 万里 Son Banri

On-line shopping

We are selling in the shop and website for on-line shopping